Trees and Indigenous trees

Monkey Thorn, Apies Doring

Paper Bark, Papier bas doring

Fever Tree, Koors Boom

Sweet Thorn, Soet Doring

Chinese Es Doring/Thorn

Haak en Steek

Pambati Tree

Vuur van die Vlakte

Leapord Tree, Luiperd boom

White Stinkwood, wit stinkhout

Japanese Hackberry

River Bush Willow

Highveld Kiepersol

Sand Olive

Common Sand Olive

Wild Pear

Puzzle Bush, Deurmekaar bos

White american Ash

Tree Fushia

Pride of India

Cape Holly

Soap Dogwood

Forest elder

Wild Olive

Edible Olive Tree

London Plane

Outenique Yellowood, Geelhout

Real Yellowood, Geelhout

Henkelii Yellowood, Geelhout

Black Karee, Swart Karee

White Karee, Wit Karee

Cape Willow, Kaapse Wilger

Pepper Tree, Peper Boom

Weeping boerboon

Buffalo Thorn
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